Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing restaurant management software is a big decision. Naturally, you will have questions. No question is too big or small. Don’t see your question of the list? Drop us an email or give us a call. We’d love to talk!

How is Food Service Ace set up?

Services are hosted from our datacenter in downtown Chicago, offering full web access from anywhere in the world. Our apps run on any Android or iOS device with Wi-Fi. Additionally, our apps have offline capabilities, which is valuable when moving about a large food service facility. Reports can be downloaded in the format of your choice.

How is the cost of Food Service Ace determined? What services are included in the price?

Pricing is based on services selected and number of locations. All pricing includes a set-up fee and a recurring monthly fee.

Monthly fee includes:

  • 24/7 access to Food Service Ace
  • Dedicated and secure logins to databases
  • Complete data backup
  • Full access to upgrades
  • 24/7 access to the Food Service Ace help desk

What are the hours of operation for the Food Service Ace help desk?

  • Email and phone support available 9 AM-5 PM CST
  • Direct contact provided for 24/7 phone assistance

Are there limits to the number of people who can use the platform at one time?

The system is highly scalable; we have not found a user limit yet!

My team is happy with our current accounting system. Does use of the Food Service Ace software require purchase of the accounting module?

Food Service Ace modules interface with most accounting systems. If gradual adoption of Food Service Ace modules is a better fit, we can help you develop a plan for rollout.

My company has existing systems in place. How can we streamline operations when we use a variety of tools?

Food Service Ace easily integrates with existing systems including POS. The Food Service Ace dashboard highlights operations, purchasing, accounting, commissary and financial information in one spot.

What are the benefits of centralized systems like Food Service Ace?

Use of a centralized system eliminates the need for redundant systems and reduces mistakes caused by multiple data entry points or hand-offs.

What are some of the systems Food Service Ace replaces?

  • Sales forecasting
  • Central supply chain management
  • Perpetual inventory and suggested ordering
  • Unit-level flash profit and loss reporting
  • Theoretical food cost management and nutritional
  • Commissary production and distribution
  • Accounting and finance

How does Food Service Ace streamline workflow?

  • Task management tools organize daily functions by location
  • Notifications for abandoned workflows and incomplete tasks help you meet deadlines
  • Guided activities speed administrative tasks reducing the time management spends in the back office
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