Institution Meals

Track Special Meals Served

Fully Account for Every Meal

Institution Meals is a mobile app from the Food Service Ace suite that accounts for the movement of meals from kitchen prep to meal service. The app speeds delivery and improves data collection. The institution and food service provider may access information in real time via a secure website. Full historical reporting for meal service is available to authorized facility and food service provider personnel.


  • Integrates with management systems including diet/medical for automatic upload of meal information
  • Meal requirements may be manually entered via secure website by authorized facility or food service provider personnel


  • Fully tracks meal distribution from transfer to delivery
  • Accounts for who, ordered what and when they were served
  • Maintains detailed records of special diet meals with optional signature acceptance determined by facility standards
  • Meal tracking is available for meals served in all parts of the institution


  • Three ways to distribute meals: (1) scan identification card/ wristband, (2) enter manually or (3) check off list
  • Distribution of meals confirmation for all methods
  • Override capabilities with option to upload photo/notes for documentation


  • Full historical reporting of past meal periods available to authorized facility and food service provider personnel

Hardware Features

Tablet device enclosed in protective, tamper resistant case

Built-in camera for documentation of meals served

Bluetooth scanner reads ID cards and wristbands

Stand designed for permanent and secure attachment to meal cart

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Stan Raber

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