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The invoicing module from Food Service Ace – Back Office provides a web and tablet-based method for linking invoice images to invoices.  On the Food Service Ace website, it is easy to enter invoice information. The website syncs with the app so you only enter information once. Then, simply take a picture of invoices via the app or upload an image from your computer, and you’re done. Search for invoices in the future using the query tool, rather than shuffling through file cabinets. The app…

Saves Time

  • Capture and upload invoices to the database in seconds via tablet device
  • Easily upload invoices from your computer
  • Handles multi page invoices
  • Quickly replace a single page if needed

Minimizes Clerical Errors

  • Automatically records batch and invoice number into the app, replacing manual entry
  • Stores documents at point of delivery (local or corporate) reducing transfers and hand-offs

Eliminates Stacks of Paper

  • Uploads invoices to the Food Service Ace database for easy retrieval


  • Reduces labor costs tied to manual invoice entry
  • Electronically share invoices instead of shipping
  • Operates on any Android or Apple device
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