Meet the Magic Behind the Monitors

Our team works tirelessly to design and deliver technical solutions that streamline food service management and operations. We geek out about all things back of house so you can focus on delivering a superb experience to your guests. Meet the team behind Food Service Ace™.

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Stan Raber

Stan, company founder and Business Process Innovator, designs systems that achieve management objectives while remaining cost-effective and requiring minimal time and effort from the client. He balances the objectives of the management team and simplicity when designing business processes. In an industry where profits are made on the margins, he approaches every project with keen attention to detail. Valuing long-term relationships, Stan found guiding a client’s system evolution as they grew from 20 to 200 restaurants to be a compelling experience. Stan holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University.

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Mike Allen

As Customer Success Facilitator, Mike works with multi-unit operators to vertically integrate food service, retail, distribution and manufacturing processes. Mike analyzes business processes and manages projects, capitalizing on extensive managerial experience in logistics and food manufacturing. He is committed to developing timely and cost-effective solutions that drive client success. Mike holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from American International College and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Additionally, Mike completed training at the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers and holds a Certificate in Commercial Ice Cream Manufacturing from Penn State University. 

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Tom Lisowski

Tom is a Systems Developer who works with clients to develop bespoke accounting processes, provide system maintenance and offer support. He is committed to developing modules that are effective, efficient and aligned with client needs. During his time at Food Service Ace, Tom has engineered a suite of back office modules. Experiencing proof of concept when a system he engineered goes live is the driving force behind Tom’s work. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Eastern Illinois University and is a Certified Public Accountant.  


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Erik Slazyk

Erik is a Business Process Developer who works with clients to create and maintain forms and reports that streamline accounting, logistics, catering and distribution processes. Erik develops optimization tools that keep operations running smoothly. Driven by iterative thinking, he consistently seeks to improve upon tools. Erik also enjoys assisting clients in utilizing forms. Since he developed the forms, it comes as second nature to offer comprehensive technical support via phone and email. Erik holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Program Analysis from Purdue University and a Master of Science in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Adam Kozlowski

As Mobile Applications Developer, Adam builds custom apps for clients. Adam develops applications that reflect the unique specifications of each client and integrate features that bring the client’s vision to life. As Adam works, he consistently takes the user’s perspective and utilizes rigorous testing cycles to drive improvement. Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from DePaul University.

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Ashley Raber

Ashley is a Product Development Specialist who works to ensure that each time a client uses Food Service Ace, they have a positive experience. When helping to develop new mobile apps, she balances operational goals with ease of use. Ashley leads user training sessions, develops animated short films that introduce users to mobile apps and crafts user documentation that helps users to feel comfortable integrating new tools modules into fast paced settings. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from National-Louis University and a Master of Education in Education Policy and Management from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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