Core Values

Our core values ground all aspects of our work from app design to technical support. As a company, we value: focus, challenge, efficiency, foresight and specialization.


Our services are developed with food service operators at the top of mind. A fast paced environment with tight margins demands specialized solutions.


Our programmers live to crack the code. We thrive on developing solutions that drive progress.


Our team’s decades of industry experience have equipped us with the tools needed to pivot quickly and develop innovative solutions to streamline operations.


Experiencing the power of data to optimize operations in hundreds of locations, we are committed to developing tools that place actionable data at your fingertips.


Seeing the limitations of one size fits all software, we develop bespoke solutions that reflect the way your operation works.

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Stan Raber

312-663-3658 ext. 101 

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Mailing Address

Catalpa Systems

53 W. Jackson Blvd

Suite 552

Chicago, IL 60604