Food Service Ace™ streamlines and optimizes your supply chain, accounting and management reporting processes with a tailored, flexible and proficient cloud based solution. Every aspect of the system is designed with the professional food service operator at top of mind. Food Service Ace proudly serves casual, fast casual, quick service and fine dining establishments. Additionally, our modules improve operational efficiency in institutions and commissaries and streamline production for warehouses and distributors. With Food Service Ace you can….

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Strategically Order Food, Beverages & Supplies

  • Reports exceptions

  • Price shops from your approved vendors

  • Matches purchase orders and updates cost/accounts payable in real time

  • Suggests orders, reducing inventory, stock-outs and spoilage

  • Alerts to changes from quoted price in real time

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Follow the Money with Sales Reporting & Cash Controls

  • Generates daily sales, covers, discounts and check average reports with drill-down options

  • Matches net sales to tenders, flagging shorts

  • Compares credit card and cash deposits to bank statements, highlighting variances

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Stay on Top of Finances with Flash Profit & Loss Reporting

  • Provides timely and actionable trend and performance data through weekly reports with sales ratios and historical comparisons 

  • Forget the days of being caught off guard when you open an end-of-month financial statement

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Keep Your Head in the Game with the Operator Dashboard

  • Helps you avoid missed orders, late orders and orders under minimum

  • Rapidly communicates special situations such as weather, local events, ingredient seasonality/availability and offers action plans

  • Provides timely feedback on food/labor costs with key indicator reports

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Manage Inventory, Theoretical Food Costs & Recipes

  • Streamlines inventory with mobile count sheets

  • Accurately costs items using order and receipt information

  • Identifies variances from theoretical food cost using POS sales information, actual landed food costs and your recipes, enabling resolution of vendor, training, recipe and shrinkage issues

  • Costs out new recipes so you can engineer recipes to hit target price points and margins

Available A La Carte or as a Complete Integrated Suite

With Food Service Ace, every solution is bespoke so it fits your operation’s precise needs.

Forget Systems that Aren’t Working Together

Many operators find themselves using disjointed systems that simply don’t communicate. Food Service Ace brings it all together, in one easy to navigate system, translating complex data into bite-sized and actionable information.

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