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Power Through Your Daily To-Do List

Food Service Ace™ back office modules are the complete management toolkit for the restaurant manager. Food Service Ace restaurant reporting places inventory, food costs and key performance indicators at your fingertips. The software easily interfaces with your POS, time and attendance system, vendor EDI and corporate accounting.

Sales Accounting

  • Automatically polls POS data and updates your financials so you know where you stand on a timely basis
  • Breaks down sales and covers with reports that reflect the way you do business
  • Generates daily cash reports from POS sales and flags any short deposits, leaving you prepared to nip those issues in the bud

Cash Controls

  • Automatically reconciles bank accounts because you don’t have time to sit in your office and match up check numbers and deposits
  • Flags missing, late or mismatched cash or credit card deposits
  • Manages the accounting for bank fees and adjustments


  • Quickly count shelf-to-sheet using the cloud-based inventory module or our mobile app
  • Instantly calculates inventory variances, flagging problem items for further research
  • Take counts of your entire inventory or count high value/ problem items only
  • Count on a schedule that makes sense for your business or do ad-hoc counts when time permits


  • Suggests orders based on sales history and current inventory levels
  • Trims waste from excessive ordering while minimizing stock-outs
  • Automatically sends purchase orders to vendors in vendor preferred format (EDI, email or fax)
  • Shops for the best price on an item from your list of approved vendors
  • Orders the right items from preferred vendors in the correct quantities, all while meeting vendor lead times and minimum order requirements
  • Provides electronic order acknowledgments and notifications of shorts and substitutions for EDI orders
  • Simply enter the invoice number, amount, date and any exceptions to generate receipts from purchase orders
  • Updates inventory, feeds invoices to accounts payable and allocates delivery, freight and tax to the landed cost of received items

Vendor Payments

  • Records vendor payouts for collect on delivery orders and invoices not linked to a purchase order
  • Automatically feeds invoices into corporate accounts payable for audit and payment

Flash Reporting

  • Daily flash reports with sales by restaurant, meal period, area and sales category
  • Sales reports with current performance compared to last week, month and year
  • Weekly profit and loss statements with current sales versus last year and budget

Theoretical Food Cost

  • Crunches the numbers from POS sales data to determine what ingredient usage should be based on your current recipes
  • Calculates actual usage from receipts and inventory counts
  • Generates variance reports that attribute loss to vendor, portions or waste

Key Indicator Reporting

Customizable key performance indicator reports measure…

  • Sales
  • Covers
  • Comps
  • Labor hours vs. sales
  • Labor cost vs. sales
  • Overhead vs. direct labor
  • Cost of goods vs. sales

Modules that Keep You Cooking

With Food Service Ace back office modules, you never feel chained to your desk. With full functionality for all back office tasks, Food Service Ace gets you out of the back office and onto the restaurant floor.

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