Point of Sale

Point of Sale is a mobile application from the Food Service Ace™ suite. The app provides a tablet-based method for recording customer purchases and check tenders, producing customer receipts and reconciling cash at end of shift. The system processes credit card transactions securely and in real time. The system interfaces with the Food Service Ace Invoicing, Cash Reports and Sales Accounting modules.

Payment Processing

  • Secure processing with end-to-end encryption
  • Full compliance with PCI standards
  • Low credit card processing fees
  • Complete integration with Food Service Ace Invoicing and Cash Reports
  • Option to use employee ID for payment, triggering automated payroll deduction

Menu Configuration

  • Easily modify menus and prices to reflect changes in offerings

  • Build multiple menus by meal or item type

  • Option to include items priced by weight

Bluetooth Capabilities

  • Wireless printing for customer order tickets
  • Tare, weigh and calculate prices of weighed items with Bluetooth scale
  • Process credit card transactions via wireless card reader
  • Option to manually weigh and enter card number if connection is compromised

Complete Reporting

  • End of day reports balance sales plus sales tax to tenders and cash drawer balance
  • Payout reports classify payouts by type        
  • Sales analysis reports show items sold

Tablet device enclosed in protective, theft resistant case mounted on rotating steel stand

Bluetooth thermal printer for customer receipts

Credit card reader for secure processing

Bluetooth scale for weighed items

Steel cash drawer

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