Staff Meals

Order with a Tap, Account in a Snap

Staff Meals is a mobile app from the Food Service Ace™ suite. It allows facility staff to order lunch and dinner quickly and easily from a dining room pad or the Staff Meals website. Meals ordered from the dining room pad are prepared as the orders are received. Website orders may be scheduled for pickup. The app insures accurate production accounting and invoicing for meals served.

Ordering Options

  • Dining room orders prepared as orders are received
  • Schedule website orders for future pickup at the dining room of choice

Flexible Configurations

  • Easily update menus
  • Option to include modifiers and side items
  • Meals may be complimentary or tendered with cash, credit card, payroll deduction or invoice to client

Real Time Updates

  • Automatically displays orders to kitchen prep personnel on tablet display or an optional order chit printer

  • Orders sort by promise time and are color coded to indicate minutes remaining before promise time

Accurate Records

  • Detail report shows the meals individual staff members ordered during selected time period

  • Summary report provides quantity of meals ordered during a given day and meal period

  • Matrix report provides comparison of total meals ordered during a given day and meal period 

Dining Room Hardware Features

Tablet for ordering enclosed in protective, theft resistant case and mounted to steel stand

RFID reader for scanning staff ID cards to expedite ordering

Bluetooth printer for customer order tickets

Kitchen Hardware Features

Tablet for kitchen display in sturdy case, mounted on steel stand for full protection in commercial kitchen environment

Bluetooth printer for order chits

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