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Is restaurant inventory management eating your time? Food Service Ace™ helps you order smarter with automated orders informed by inventory levels, forecasts and your recipes. Automated price shopping helps you order at the best price from your approved vendors. Now, you always have every ingredient you need to cook up your next masterpiece.


This module maintains perpetual counts for every item at every location. You can use mobile counts to verify and adjust inventory levels with the option to perform routine or ad-hoc counts. You decide whether to count all inventoried items or just selected classes of items.


Algorithms predict daily sales and sales mix by location based on sales trends and seasonality. Using your recipes for menu items, the sales forecast determines the quantity of each ingredient item required each day by location.


The platform creates a list of what you need to order today. The system suggests the order quantity for each item based on forecasted demand, current inventory on hand, order frequency, pack size and lead time.

Each line item on your requisition is allocated to one of your approved vendors based on your rules and criteria. You are in the driver’s seat. You can order an item from a specific vendor or let the module shop for the best price from approved vendors.

It’s now easier and faster than ever to finalize orders and send them to your vendors. All your manager has to do is review, edit and approve suggested orders. Once approved, orders are sent to vendors with the tap of a button. The platform allows you to set buying limits by user. If a user exceeds their buying limit, you can specify what approvals are necessary.

Purchase Orders

The system automatically generates a purchase order for the selected vendor when a requisition is approved. Before sending, the buyer may include special requests or additional instructions as necessary. Purchase orders are sent in the vendor-preferred format (email, EDI or fax).


With the touch of a button, you can see what you ordered. If the vendor delivered what was ordered, you’re done. If not, simply enter any shortages or substitutions. If using EDI, delivery exceptions load electronically from the vendor’s EDI invoice. Pending credits are tracked or payment is made based on receipts.

When a receipt is completed…

(1) Taxes and freight/delivery charges are allocated to each item on the receipt, giving you a true cost for each item.

(2) An invoice is created and fed into the accounts payable system.

(3) Inventory quantities and values are updated.

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